Do You Want To?

Invest in achieving your financial freedom?

Invest by Adding True and lasting  Value to families?

Invest with a higher purpose?

Do You Want To?

Invest in achieving your financial freedom

Invest by Adding True  Value to families?

Invest with a higher purpose?


In Multifamily

Our approach to acquiring and managing real estate is modeled on the successes of our investment experiences. Real estate investment is the cornerstone of consistent wealth. Multifamily investments generate ongoing passive income with a focus on appreciation over time through added value. Real estate is a physical asset that can always be monetized by renting, selling, or refinancing the property, irrespective of financial market conditions. This makes real estate a far more stable investment compared to stocks and bonds that are highly susceptible to the day to day fluxes in the market. Furthermore, within the real estate investment space, multifamily assets have proven to be the safest asset class.

Cash Flow

After all expenses are paid, quarterly distributions go out to investors.

Tax Benefits

Depreciation is a tax write-off that enables you to keep more of your profits.


Forced appreciation through strategic value plays increase the overall value of the property.


Multifamily is less volatile and continues to outperform traditional stock based investments.


You can leverage real estate, this allows you to buy a $10M property with only $2.5M.


Residents pay down debt which creates equity, this leads to long-term wealth.

Add Multifamily Real Estate To Your Portfolio


Our real estate offerings allow you to earn passive income through multifamily investments.


Each investment opportunity has its own financial breakdown but we typically aim for a 15 - 20% internal rate of return.


Our average investment hold period ranges between 3 - 5 years.


At ATVP, our purpose is bigger than any property. With each investment we make, we provide support for orphanages and children in need, including kids at Niños con Fe, an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico, and a nearby Christian school called Colegio Estrella de la Mañana.

As parents ourselves, we’ve long had a heart for the struggles of disadvantaged youth. Real estate investment allowed us to create financial stability for our family, but it also gave us the chance to impact others on a larger scale. We realized that we could support a single child with one property. Multifamily investments can sponsor entire orphanages. That’s why we’re committed to donating 50% of our profits to funding organizations like Niños con Fe. Our goal in founding ATVP is to create a legacy that finds value through investing in others, and it’s a mission that you can be a part of, too.


The ATVP Investor Club is a free investor club where our team filters potential real estate investments for you, underwrite the numbers, and vet the other partners ourselves.



Our team of real estate experts are proficient in determining a property’s underlying value. We seek out properties in upward trending markets with considerable room for growth.


We employ multiple value-add initiatives and implement operational improvements to drive greater profitability and achieve highest possible appreciation. We focus on rent growth while increasing tenant occupancy.


Our goal is to increase Net Operating Income (NOI) and distributable cash flow every year. Through NOI growth, we have the ability to increase the value of your investment year over year.

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